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4 Corners Canyon Climbers

Scotch Creek Run - August 9, 2003

The club needed to get together for a summer run to Scotch Creek and above for a camp over. It was time, past time. Clark and Amanda are back from San Antonio! An FSJ couple, Lee & Deb, moving to the front range from Atlanta were visiting with Flint & Krista and got to go on the ride. We gathered in Dolores and made the drive up Hwy 145 to the Scotch Creek turn off for some lessons on Colorado. The rains have been steady most every day and the open fire ban had been lifted above 9000 feet. We made a few stops along the way to enjoy the scenery and got to splash a good bit along the way. We also did some community work by cleaning up a big mess at a camp spot along the divide. Mike & Judy put on a good teaching lesson for Colorado history and we had a test once we were up on the lake to set camp. Prizes were available for everyone! El Presidente, Jim Price decided to hang out the night in a home made hammock tent. Three of the five groups stayed over for a cool evening and were serenaded by coyotes all night.

The Prez Sez: There were goods times had this weekend for the Scotch Creek run! I
arrived at the meeting place Saturday morning to find Mike and Judy,
Woody and Jan, Clark, Amanda, Haley, and Precious waiting for me. A
very short time later, Flint, Krista, Bones, and their two friends
from Georgia showed up and we got the show on the road.

Upon arrival at the Scotch Creek trailhead, we were given a
presentation by Mike on Colorado and local history, before heading up
the trail. We encountered a few deep, muddy holes up the trail and I
discovered that it was Club policy that mud holes were NOT to be
avoided! Lunch was informally held at the top of the trail. Precious
and Bones enjoyed all the clandestine delivery of human food. Thanks,
Judy, for that delicious Olathe peach. Before leaving, Jan discovered
a campsite that had been trashed so we go busy and cleaned it up - way
to go Jan! While cleaning up, Woody and Mike tried to purchase Haley
from Clark and Amanda, but they weren't having any of it.

We proceeded north along the divide where the road was really dusty
and then proceeded down to Hermosa Creek where we found a nice valley
and a stream. We stopped to wash off the dust, heed Mother Nature's
call, and take photo ops.

Up the trail we proceeded up Hermosa Creek until we got to the
Graysill Mine. Here we stopped for another impromptu class by Mike on
more Colorado history. You can see where this is going. Just right
up the road was where we stopped for our supper and camp. This was a
nice little lake at 11,093 feet (thereabouts).

We established campsites and settled down with camp chairs and our
favorite beverages. Mike and Judy handed out multiple choice tests
and we proceeded to be tested on the presentations we'd received
earlier. We tallied up the scores (mine was 83) and the top scores
(everybody) got to pick prizes, so graciously provide by Mike and
Judy, out of a bag. To those who did not show up, we got your prizes!

In the afternoon, after setting up campsites, we bade farewell to
Flint, Krista, Bones, and their two, and now our, friends. A short
time later, Woody and Jan departed for civilized parts.

The rest of the brave souls settled down for chow. Judy whipped a
passel of chili and weenies on buns that everyone enjoyed. Precious
had to settle for Kibbles. Mike had some neat sling shots and we had
a contest to see who could come closest to a log in the middle of the
lake. Clark is a real whiz at sling-shottin'! Mike chopped up some
nice firewood and we proceeded to build a decent fire to drink coffee
around until bedtime. The sensible ones went to bed early and Mike,
Clark, and I sat up until 2300 settling all the problems of the world
and admiring the beautiful, bright mooned night.

Some coyotes howled and sniffed around the camp that night, but all
slept safe and sound. We were greeted by a bright and chilly morning.
We elected Haley as the most well behaved of the campers, with
Precious running a close second.

After a thorough walk-through and fire inspection, we headed off at
about 0900. We stopped at Bolam Pass for a beautiful view of Lizard
Head and environs. After a long and bumpy ride down The Snake, we hit
Barlow Creek and fairly fast driving until we came out on Hwy 145
north of Rico.

We wish you all could have been there, as we enjoyed ourselves and
made new friends. If I misspelled or left out any names, thpthpthpthp
(the raspberry sound)!

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